Skills to cope with arising challenges and support from family and society are essential for a person to stay mentally and emotionally healthy. Self-care and other self-help techniques are equally important. Therefore, if we suffer from psychosocial problems such as excessive fatigue, frequent crying spells, stress and irritation, we can apply some of the tips below. If we experience negative emotions because of difficult circumstances, incidents and accidents, we can talk to a person who is reliable and close, or anyone who we can trust in order to feel better.

  • If there is no one to talk to or you cannot express your feelings, keeping a diary and journaling various thoughts, emotions and feelings can be of a huge help.
  • The body and mind are related and in order to keep our body healthy and feeling refreshed we need basic ingredients:proper food, sleep, and rest.Taking time off from work, spending holidays with family and friends and indulging in recreational activities such as listening to music, reading literature and inspiring books, expressing emotions and thoughts through arts and spending time in nature will re-energize and revitalize your body and mind.
  • Based on your faith and beliefs, you can also try different traditional healing methods such as study of religious scriptures, conducting worship, visiting temples, mosques, gompa and church or visiting shaman and traditional healers.
  • If you feel you have to work harder than other people and it feels unfair, the work can be divided among the family members, friends or colleagues. Try not to take the entire responsibility and kindly ask others to share the workload.

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