One day dissemination workshop on Nepali website and Mobile application

One day dissemination workshop was conducted in Kathmandu on role of information technology, Nepali web site and mobile application-"manosamajiksuswasthya", and its essence to the literate people of community,

migrant labor and students. The basic idea wasto give information about basic mental health and psychosocial problems and management techniques.

Altogether 43 participants attended the workshop out of which 29 were females and 14 were males.Program was facilitated by a team of experts from TPO Nepal.  

The program was organized by Transcultural Psychosocial Organization (TPO) Nepal under Combating Trafficking in Persons (CTIP) project with financial assistance from The Asia Foundation (TAF) at Hotel Crown Plaza,Naxal, Kathmandu on 12th April, 2017.

Following were the objectives of the workshop:

a)      To deliver information on website and mobile application to stakeholders.

b)      To generate ideas on upgrading process of websites and mobile application fromthe attendees.

c)      To familiarizestakeholders onutility of website and mobile application,

d)      To demonstrate them how to- download the mobile application and use it in offline mode.

e)      To encourage and enable them to teach website and mobile application to community dwellers.

f)       To enhance the mental health and psychosocial well-being of community.

Workshop was beneficial to the participants in disseminating information on utility of the website andmobile application. Attendees shared that the website and mobile application had been very much useful to minimize the mental health and psychosocial problems in the community. In addition, the availability of information on dual scripts (English as well as Nepali)was admired to be very effective in reaching out toa larger group of people in the community. Representatives from TPO Nepal assured them that it will try its best to incorporate their feedback and suggestions in updating the website.